Book Review to be Published

The China History Forum will publish my review of Cindy Pon’s “Silver Phoenix” next month! I’m a happy little empress.

Justine’s New Cover

I got behind on my blog reading and just tuned into Justine’s blog again. It may interest you to know, we got the attention of Bloomsbury. They’re changing the U.S. cover of “Liar.” Check it out on her blog. The link is in my title.

New Novel

Anyone who has read my blogs will know I’m a huge fan of Guy Gavriel Kay. Well, he has a new novel due out in April, 2010. You can check out his site (the link is in this post’s title), but here’s a brief snippet:

UNDER HEAVEN will be published in April 2010, and takes place in a world inspired by the glory and power of Tang Dynasty China in the 8th century, a world in which history and the fantastic meld into something both memorable and emotionally compelling.

As with all of Kay’s books, I look forward to this one!

Authors of Asian Novels Yahoo Group

Okay, I kept pining after some sort of research site made especially for writers who want to do stuff set in Asia. I finally decided I’d do it. The group website’s URL is in the title, if you’re interested in joining. Please come with your list of fiction and non-fiction books that you’d like posted. I did input all of those books that were listed here, plus many more. I haven’t had time to input anything in the music database. If there are other databases or if you’d like to post pictures, feel free. I do ask that we keep all material and language clean. 🙂

My poor fingernails

I’ve given my entire ms to a Chinese friend to read. Will he like it? Will he be completely bewildered? His opinion means more than I can say as I’ve tried so hard to make the setting as authentic as possible. He will also be the first male who has read the entire thing – assuming he makes it through. LOL. Iya! This will be a long month.